Who You Callin’ Crazy?!

Saved By The Arts - Chryssie Whitehead (Director/Choreographer)

July 26, 2022 Juliet Kuehnle Season 2 Episode 17
Who You Callin’ Crazy?!
Saved By The Arts - Chryssie Whitehead (Director/Choreographer)
Show Notes

CW/TW: suicide, substance use

In today's episode, I speak to Chryssie Whitehead, an actress, singer, educator, passionate mentor, and dancer on Broadway, film, and television. Chryssie talks about her recent coming to terms with her diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder and the process of deciding to write a show about it! About her show,  In My Own Little Corner,  Chryssie says: "I wrote a show about my journey with bipolar disorder. I wrote a show about my mother's death & her journey with mental illness. I wrote a show about deep love, forgiveness, and letting go of shame."

 In this episode, Chryssie and I talk about:

  • Chryssie's journey with her own mental health and what happened when finally given a diagnosis that made sense to her
  • Her mom's mental health journey and the secrets kept
  • How to learn to fight for a solution 
  • Discussion around labels and diagnoses
  • Tools for finding clarity in one's life with any mental illness 

… and so much more! 

Connect with Chryssie:

Website: www.chryssiewhitehead.com 

Facebook: Chryssie Whitehead

Ellen Forney's Graphic novel: Marbles 


Instagram: @yepigototherapy

Website: Sun Counseling and Wellness