Who You Callin’ Crazy?!

Internal Hospitality - Steve Palmer (Restaurateur)

September 20, 2022 Juliet Kuehnle Season 2 Episode 20
Who You Callin’ Crazy?!
Internal Hospitality - Steve Palmer (Restaurateur)
Show Notes

TW/CW: abuse, addiction

The culture of the food and beverage industry has long been infamous for being an environment that perpetuates mental health struggles and substance use. But to Steve Palmer, this is also the same industry that saved him from his addictions.

Palmer is the founder of The Indigo Road Hospitality Group, a hospitality and consulting company that owns and operates more than 20 restaurants and 4 hotels across the southeastern US. He is also the co-founder of Ben's friends, a national nonprofit that acts as a bridge to sobriety for those in the hospitality industry struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Steve's personal journey to sobriety is what makes his work so special as it is all personally stamped by his passion ("obsession with hospitality") and his purpose ("service to others.")

Tune in as we chat about:

  • Steve's journey to sobriety from the dark depths of addiction, homelessness, and damaged relationships,
  • Gratitude as an embodied feeling (his tears will move you all to understand this buzzword!),
  • Imposter syndrome and why the hardest thing for an addict is when their dreams come true,
  • Attachment styles as his past wounds play out in his marriage,
  • The presence of emotions in his life and why he feels if he stops being anxious, he stops growing,
  • The pivotal role therapy played in his recovery and why he still has "Therapy Mondays,"
  • His thoughts on the sober curious movement

… and so much more! 

Connect with Steve Palmer:

Personal Website: www.aboutstevepalmer.com 

Company's Website:www.Indigoroad.com 

Steve's Book: Say Grace: How the Restaurant Business Saved My Life


Instagram: @yepigototherapy

Website: Sun Counseling and Wellness