Who You Callin’ Crazy?!

Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles (Nesha Pai)

February 01, 2022 Season 2 Episode 3
Who You Callin’ Crazy?!
Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles (Nesha Pai)
Show Notes

Shame, regret, pressure, breakTHROUGHS, forgiveness, rising. This episode is such a good one!!! I speak to Nesha Pai of Charlotte, NC. Sitting in front of a male boss who refused to give her a raise because she had a gap in her resume from being a stay-at-home mom for six years, she decided to take a leap of faith (and her largest client) and strike out on her own.

She started Pai CPA, an accounting firm serving small and medium-sized businesses, in 2011. And she promised herself to hire and mentor stay-at-home moms and other women trying to re-enter the business world. Her book, “Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles,” details her journey of overcoming racism, sexism, and other trials and tribulations as a first-generation Indian American business owner.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The confusion around identity that Pai went through during her adolescence.
  • How the anger she carried throughout her life manifested in her day to day.
  • The turning point at which Pai found the permission to heal.
  • The essence of Pai's message to the world.
  • What self-care means to Pai, and how she makes that happen.
  • How to know it's time to go to therapy.

... and so much more!

Instagram: @yepigototherapy

Website: Sun Counseling and Wellness